Editing a Photo.


Nathan Sykes at Free Radio Live 2015

This is not the first time that I have journeyed back into my photo album from that day, to re-edit and enhance some of the best photo from the night. I get fascinated by the work of others, I wonder what makes their work stand out. It is usually the clarity and sharpness of the subject, and the colours. “Oh well it must be the camera and the equipment they use.” and as much as the quality of the equipment is important and plays a massive part to what you can capture, and how it will turn out. It is also the eye of the person taking the photo, and the post production. To some, editing an image in photoshop is ‘cheating’, but in fact it isn’t, nor will it ever be. Yes, when woman are photoshop to look like pencils in fashion magazines, then I suppose it is ‘cheating’, particularly if that woman is a size 14 and is made to look like a size 6. However, subtle touching up and colour grading, is not cheating. Photography is art, and with art provides the freedom for experimenting and changing things for it to look aesthetically appealing. Photojournalism is something I have always been fascinated by, and something I have particularly enjoyed experimenting with in the past, music and street photography can be genres where colour experimenting and clarity enhancing is accepted, as this is what can make it stand out.